Intermediate Personal Survival & Stroke Refinement Skills

SwimSafer Silver

SwimSafer Silver

Fundamentals of diving will be introduced. Development of rescue skills and personal survival knowledge will also continue at more advanced levels. Children will be required to demonstrate efficient stroke techniques to complete stage 5.

Test Criteria

Entries & Exits

  1. Demonstrate a dive entry (crouching)

Sculling & Body Orientation

  1. Keep face above the water for 60 seconds sculling with hands only

Underwater Skills

  1. In 1.5m of water depth swim through hoops on pool bottom 3 metres apart.

Movement/ Swimming/Strokes

  1. Swim 200m continuously
  2. 50m Front Crawl
  3. 50m Breaststroke
  4. 50m Backstroke
  5. 50m Survival Backstroke or Sidestroke
  6. Efficient stroke techniques must be used

Survival & Activity skills

  1. Dressed in swimwear, long pants and long sleeved shirt , perform the following as a continuous sequence (no pyjamas);
  2. Enter deep water using an appropriate entry method.
  3. Submerge feet first, swim underwater for 3 meters.
  4. Resurface scull, float or tread water for 3 minutes waving for help intermittently. Clothing may be removed.
  5. Correctly fit a PFD while treading water and then swim 25 metres and climb out of the water.

Rescue Skills

  1. Using a buoyant aid, accompanied (non-contact) rescue of a person 15m from safety.


  1. Recognising an Emergency